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What is a Splash Session?

April 7, 2024

Water Photography on the Big Island, Hawaii: Kona & Waikoloa Underwater Photography

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Trash the Dress.” I never liked that, so for a while I used the term “Drown the Gown” as it has a *slightly* better connotation, but let’s be honest, neither term really sounds great! You don’t really want to trash a dress . . . or to drown! The best term for me is “splash session” because that’s really what it is!

When you’re on an island like the Big Island, you really should get into the water! A splash session with me in Hawaii could mean a few different things:

  1. TINY SPLASH: You literally splash around in the shallows and have fun. You get wet but my camera stays dry. It looks especially nice in your portrait shoot clothes (dresses are beautiful in the water!)
  2. SHALLOW SPLASH: First we get some over/under shots (we both get in, me first, and I can photograph you on the sand or rocks with my camera underwater so there’s water in the bottom of the frame, then you can get in too for some shallow water shots.
  3. POOL SPLASH: If your resort allows, we can get underwater in the pool (easy to touch + clear water = relaxing, fun and great photos!)
  4. DEEP BLUE SPLASH: We charter a boat, or swim out from shore with a lifeguard and floatation, and get some blue water shots. (You must know how to swim!)

Whichever path you choose, you’re sure to get some unique shots that really capture the beauty of this island! For a “tiny splash” you don’t need to pay anything extra for your shoot, but for all of the rest that require the use of my underwater housing, I do charge a splash fee. Every situation is unique, so let me know where you’re staying and what you envision for your shoot.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

If you’re wearing a dress underwater, stay away from strapless dresses (or at least make sure they fit you well and don’t pull down). Something with a train or gauzy material looks amazing underwater!

Another top tip: many fabrics turn see-through when wet, so don’t wear red underwear! Neutrals that match your skin are the best pick. Any color dress will do. If you’re a bride and you don’t want to get your *actual* dress wet, you could even pick a cheap pick online have have a second white dress for this session (so many of my clients do this).

Splash sessions are my favorite, so please do reach out if you’re interested!

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